After High School or College

I’m 5’6" & 133lbs. right now & my doc says im suppose to be about 5’10" or 5’11" & 195lbs. According to family history. What are my chances to make it beyond high school or college. All i wanna do is play baseball. Hopefully majors. (im pitcher)

Hard to tell, size really doesn’t matter when pitching. It depends on how sound your mechanics are and how well you throw your pitches. And if you can throw them at a professional level.

[quote=“WhiteSox101”]Hard to tell, size really doesn’t matter when pitching. It depends on how sound your mechanics are and how well you throw your pitches. And if you can throw them at a professional level.[/quote]sorry man, but size does matter, a scout is going to show more interest in a 6’6 pitcher than a 6’ pitcher because the 6’6 pitcher can get better offspeed pitches, you have to be amazing to pitch even minors if your under 6’

I am about 5’11’ and 3/4 lol like _ this much from 6’. You may be right, depends on your coach’s preferences. There are many good pitchers under 6’. And if you are anywhere close, you won’t have any problems unless you are like 5’6’’ or something. I can hit low 80’s 82-84mph and I am about to turn 17 Dec. 13th at 5’11’’ 3/4 165lbs. Not huge average adult size but I can still throw fast. I hope to hit the low 90’s by the end of my senior year. Towards college.

Basically if a guy is taller than another guy with the same skills the taller guy will get the nod basically every time.

But that’s not to say you can’t make it in pitching without being 6’2" plus.

In life as well as baseball this tends to be true, tall guy gets the girls, picked first on the team, hired for the job, it seems nuts but it is the way it works. The good news is this fact tends to lead to a higher level of determination and drive in folks that are under 6’.
I know this is a wide brush and a generalization, but like the axiom that you don’t speed up a bat when you are dominating with a fastball, it IS axiomatic that the tall get the breaks. You can deny it, you can whine about it or you can overcome it. Or you can get real tough and start beating them up… :shock:

Contrary to popular belief, I am not 6’4" - I am only 5’8". :roll:

:smiley: I am 5’11’’ 3/4. I’m turning 17 here on Dec. 13th. I figure I got atleast 3 more inches since my dad was 6’2’’.

[quote=“WhiteSox101”]:smiley: I am 5’11’’ 3/4. I’m turning 17 here on Dec. 13th. I figure I got atleast 3 more inches since my dad was 6’2’’.[/quote]i dont know man haha, 3 inches when your 17 is stretching it maybe, maybe, you will get 6’ tho, which is good size for a pitcher, man i love being tall :lol:

Yeah I mean 1/4 of an inch is like uhhh the tip of a pen, I’ll bet you I’ll be 6’1/2’’ by the end of this summer going into 12th grade, I’ll take a picture beside a measuring thingy. By the way I was just curious, what was you maximum velocity, this year so far, and what was it in 11th grade, mine is 83-84mph in 11th . And 85mph is the highest I’ve hit ever, can’t seem to get past that. I hope to be hitting low 90’s by the time I head out for college. I think I have a good shot, I am throwing regularly, year round, practicing, and doing a bit of free weights, and my diet is well balenced. And this weekend I get to meet Billy Wagner!! He’ll be in Bluefield VA near his hometown doing charity work for kids. I am soo happy!!

Hmm… Earlier this year, in one of my attempts to persuade my parents to get a gym membership, I categorized every pitcher into two categories.

Whether or not they were under 6 ft.
Whether or not they were under 170.

Out of about 350, or 360 active pitchers, or something to that effect, and note, I’m going off of memory.

I believe 5 people were under 170, and 20 people under 6 feet, I believe. I’ll have to find the paper I wrote the statistics on… anyways, just thought I’d mention that. I use it as motivation!

Considering Thanksgiving just passed I recently weighed myself and I am 5’11’’ 3/4 and 167lbs. I’m only in 11th grade so I figure by the time I graduate I’ll be about 180lbs and atleast 6’. Interesting stats. I like them.

Height and weight do play a factor in how hard a pitcher can throw, but there is only so much umph the good lord put in the arm and there is nothing you can do to increase that

PS - I love being tall too :slight_smile: 6’6/200

Rtusk: You may be able to speak from experience…

Do you know of colleges boosting height of players on their rosters by an inch or so? I know in high school it seems to happen, and there just seems to be a ton of behemoths at every college.

I’m actually pretty pumped, I thought I was done growing at just under six foot. I measured myself the other day and was over 6’1/2". So I’m hoping if I’m done that’ll round up to a nice 6’1" lol.
Best case for me would be no rounding and 6’1", IMO (since I didn’t expect anymore in the first place)

Now I just got to fix the whole 150lbs thing.

Oh yeah. I was 6’3 on my baseball card (Boise Hawks, 2001) but 6’1 to 6’2 in “real life.” I gave myself an extra 5 pounds, too; 225. I was actually 218 to 220 playing weight.

Remember that little rookie for the Cardinals back in 2001-2002 or so? Bud Smith. He was all of 5 foot 11.5 inches 165 pounds :stuck_out_tongue:

Seem to remember him pitching a no-hitter against the Padres in September of 2001. While I don’t think he’s in pro ball anymore, he must have been doing something right to get there, stay there, and do what he did. Even at his size.

Funny,NickHeel,thats the same exact size as I am and I turn 17 Dec.13th. lol…

Bud Smith was a lefty. It doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to the size of a lefty.

I am a righty. I hit 80-81mph.

another reason why taller pitchers have an advantage is because they have more leverage and release the ball closer to the plate (longer legs=longer arms).