After a game, Cold or Hot Shower?

I just want to know what you guys do, or Steve, in the pro’s, what they got you guys doing after a game?

I take a pretty hot shower to get the muscles loosened and so the shoulder doesn’t get all tight like it would with a cold shower.

when I ask this question, its like a coin toss, I don’t know which to do, my football coach said a warm shower, but this newspaper article said cold, haha

thats a great question. i always take a hot one, just cause it feels better. but i wouldnt care if i changed if its better.

its a cold shower, you should always take a cold shower after the game (even though you may want a warm one) becuase the cod water slows down blood flow whuch is what you want. i also remember reading something about how warm heat should only be applied appr. 48 hours after be the warmth will slow down the healing process.

i also live near Dr. Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze,FL, the worlds best orthopedic surgeon for sports, hes the one that does all the tommy johns and other surgeries for practically all the major leaguers, and they have kinda like a gym over there that i took a tour through ( top notch everthing in there, they even had things in there that measured your intesity level to see if you were slacking off during your, anyways they recommened 10 minutes in ice cold tub, 10 minutes in hot tub, and going back in forth, they said it speeds up recovery process.

A cold shower or ice dulls any pains which will make you feel better in one way. But a hot shower relaxes the mucells and body so it will feel better in a diffrent way. I basicly recomed doing both for 5-10 miniutes at a time.