Afraid to hit someone

I remember once when I was pitching I am a righty and the batter was a right and I always feel like I am going to hit the gut so I pitch outside and walk him, what should I do?

Well you might be changing your mechanics during the delivery or something. But I mean if your just gonna walk him, you might as well hit him so that way its at least worth him getting on base.

He is more scared of getting hit then you are of hitting him if its about to hit him he will move out of the way. Don’t sweat it. If you do hit someone then its kinda positive a lot of the other kids are going to be even more scared of getting hit themselves.

when you hit those guys did it hurt you? if it didn’t (and it didn’t) throw the baseball. if you can’t get over this get a dog or something because you can’t pitch when you worry about everything but throwing the ball over the plate. you’ll not pitch till you get over this. and it’s easy. it’s his problem when he gets hit.

Just dont be scared if you are going to hit them. In all honesty I hit some one in almost every single game that I pitch :shock:. Its better if you are aggressive and try to get them out then walking them. After all if you walk them, you might as well have just hit them…

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