Aflac All-American Game

Is anyone else watching?? These pitchers are just NASTY. Not to mention Craig Biggio and Ozzie Smith as comentators. So far its a great game. And a footnote the “chosen one” one Bryce Harper is 0-3 with 2 strike outs

What channel??


Kevin Gausman, one of the pitchers on the west team, was the pitcher we faced in the first round of our state playoffs.

We were ahead 4-3 in the sixth, but they ended up winning 5-4. But this kid is an absolute beast on the mound.

All of those pitchers were just stick. Great game all around very impressive defense and the hitting was pretty good too. It seems only fitting that it ended in a tie.
Side note: Bryce Harper 0-5 3 strike outs 2 ground outs and an rbi

Everyone had BAD games.

Everyone’s gonna hate on Harper, but he’s truly amazing ^.^