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I’m 19 years old. Played a semester of baseball as a walk on at Barry University in Miami,FL. Now I play independent baseball in St.Pete, FL. I went to a game for my new independent team and was clocked at 88-93 mph. I am 5’11 170lbs. I found out there was 3 scouts there reviewing me and I got their critique. It said I had tremendous arm strength, exceptional movement on my fastball and outstanding control, a plus curveball and plus change up with outstanding control on those as well. They rated me a 6 out of 8 on a scale. I am going to attend an open tryout in Kissimmee,FL for the Atlanta Braves. I was wondering what my chances were of being signed or maybe being on their radar at least? After that game I was e-mailed by 4 independent teams( evansville otters, american defenders, sioux falls, rockland boulders) to come play for them across the country. I just want to know from a scout perspective or from players on here what my chances would be of a signing or them following me? I know signing is very rare for try-outs but seeing as how the braves rookie team and short season team lost 8 pitchers this month due to injury I feel like my chances are good. What do you guys think?

there doesn’t seem to be a weak point in the scouting report so if everything you have is plus I’d say you have a great shot.

Thanks, I don’t know though. I just don’t see them signing someone out of a try-out. I feel my chances are good, but I’m just not trying to expect too much. The scouts were the Diamondbacks, Mets, and Orioles. The Diamondback Scouts name was Eddy something? He is pretty old guy been there for a while. He rated me as a MLB prospect or high D-1. But those are ratings and their reports are good, but their not the braves reports of me.

At the very least they are interested in you.

They’ll follow you if they don’t sign you so take every opportunity you can get and run with it.

Getting into affiliated baseball through Indy ball is very different and much more harder then getting in via HS and College.

Keep working hard and like I said take every opportunity you can.

88-93 with movement, oustanding control, plus curve and plus change will definitely allow you to easily stand out compared to other try-out pitchers. If the scout’s report would be loosely agreed upon by other scouts, a 6 on the scouting scale would be fantastic. 1st rounders from 2011 Alex Meyer, Jose Fernandez, Taylor Jungmann, Jed Bradley, Sonny Gray, and Robert Stephenson got 60’s (or 6) on Baseball America’s scale.

First off, Congrat’s on the progress that you’ve made so far. Impressive, very impressive.

Second - look over the agreements that you signed when accepting a postion with the club that your now playing for. Look it over carefully. Some of these Indy’s clubs have wording that can hold you for $$ claims beyond your interest and efforts with who your playing/signed with now.
After all, who in their right mind would sign a man who jumps ship in mid stream or towards the end of a season. So, read your documents carefully.

With respect to the affiliates tryout - go for it if everything looks good based on my suggestions above. Timing is everything. BUT- stop and think about the pitchers that are on the injury board - WHY? How come so many going this deep into the season?

Don’t be so quick to jump on board with a club who has a coaching staff that would allow that injury environment to exist. So, look before you leap.

Your about to leave a business environment that’s not too difficult to figure out. Affiliated ball is a big place - watch your back, keep to yourself, don’t lend your confidence to anyone, just do your thing.

I wish you the very best.

Coach B.

Great advice Coach B.

How’d it go? Any update?