Hi everybody,

I’m 21 years old and due to recurring pain in my elbow when I pitch overhand, I started pitching underhand (not sidearm or submarine, but straight underhand)… Of course, since almost every coach disapproves underhand I cannot get advice anywhere(also due to the fact I live in a baseball unfriendly country). I only throw two types of pitches: a rising fastball clocked in the high 70s with a tail-swerve and a straight change-up around 53 mph. Now how do I get a curve/slider/anything that moves with my delivery?

Thanks in advance

So, do you throw like a softball pitcher in terms of delivery and windup? If you have a video of yourself pitching, that would really help me to visualize what you are talking about.

I start out like a regular baseball pitcher but then i rotate my shoulder in the opposite direction, much like would throw a bowlingball…

I checked Chad Bradford’s pitching style but mine is not alike

It sounds almost exactly like a fastpitch softball delivery. If you could post a video, or even pictures, then I could help you out. I am also pretty interested in how you can get up to high 70’s throwing like that.

I’ll try to get hold of a digital camera and a person who can get some decent footage of me.

I searched for some pictures of fastpitch softball and indeed it’s quite similar to what I do, but not 100%

About the speed: I have no idea myself, i was not a fast overhand pitcher due the recurring elbow strain and inflexibility, perhaps it lies in my shouldermuscles: since I quit baseball, i started playing football and i became an avid lifter, i also trimmed down from 239 to 216, my shoulders are well trained since i started doing pushups, I do 800 a day right now, but of course on the othe rhand I have read a lot that weight training does not add to speed so I might be wrong here

I coached a fastpitch team for a couple seasons now. The best offspeed pitch from that arm angle (IMO) is the screwball. Here
is a link to the proper way to throw it for fastpitch softball. You will probably need to mess around with your finger placement, and whether you need to grip with 3 fingers or not.

If you can get a bit of drop on the ball, instead of a straight lateral, this pitch would be devastating for baseball.

Good Luck