Well, I am 14, almost 15 and in grade 9. I pitch for our Bantam AA team since we don’t have AAA here in cold lake. I live in Canada, and my dad found me this website to browse around. I was wondering what it would take to get noticed by NCAA scouts here, considering the huge lack of talent around here. A bonus though is my town is hosting Western Canadians this ear and next year… I am finally getting some of the mechanics down and my pitching speed has gone up alot lately. My dad got recruited to north dakota as a pitcher, but back then baseball was alot bigger in alberta than it is right now. I’m just looking ofr some advice for what to use as a program to build up more velocity. I also play hockey during the winter and I use the same program for my abs and legs right now that I do. I concentrate alot on my core and my oblicques.

To add to this, some things I forgot. Right now my strongest pitch is when i get up in the count and my curveball has gotten probably 7 of 9ks in 5 innings this year already. Here in canada I also play 2nd base. I am wondering if it would be easier to get recognized playing 2nd.