we had 2 games already now and i have not pitched. the 2 games we had 4 others pitched that i now i pitched much better than in scrimages.
in the 2 scrimages i dad like 6 innings pitched 2 hits 4Ks and 0 BBs
the other two guys each pitched like 6 innings each and bother let up 4 or 5 runs and each walked like 4.
I dont know why i dont go in. these two other gus alredy almost blew games lettint 5 runs un the six and coach is showing no signs of putting me in.
What should i do ? (i have a feeling my coach doesnt like me)
I am the quietst person on the team and never get in trouble.

It’s tough to say. Maybe your coach is saving you for a better opponent. Maybe there’s some politics involved like playing favorites. Not everyone gets to pitch in just the first two games. Most teams have too many pitchers for that to happen. You might need to wait until you’ve had more games to be certain he’s not playing you. Then, if you still haven’t played, don’t be afraid to talk to your coach. Ask what you need to do to get some playing time. Hopefully, he’ll give you some things to work on and you can get to work.

Roger is right.
Also don’t assume that your coach, does/doesn’t like you. Generally that has nothing to do with anything. He’s (I don’t know his experience, but) out there to do a job. So are you. If you are on the bench waiting, YOU have a job too. That job is to be ready when he calls. If you sit around worrying about it, you won’t be sharp. Sharp is what you need to be (One of the biggest reasons is that if you aren’t sharp, you may go out and suck…and you guessed it, end up on the bench even longer next time). Be a contributer…So many good kids get so spoiled in League ball because they were “good” and played all the time that when, in high school, they have to sit, it makes them act like a baby just sitting there brooding. A coach sees this behavior…(I am not saying that you act this way…I’m saying you have a choice, you can be eager and a part of the team or you can sit there and be miserable) Coach is going to get a paycheck which ever way you go, but you can make it easier for him to let you in by really participating and keeping up the best attitude…and being READY!!!
I just know you’ll tear em up when you get the chance!

Roger and JD passed along some great advice, as usual.

I just have one more thought to add. “No More Mister Nice Guy.” It’s OK to be quiet inside but let your actions speak loud. This is now a challenge to you. Compete! When you get the chance, take the opportunity serious and show the coach what your made of.

Good Luck.

The best advice I can give you is to work as hard as you can. Show the coach you want it. When I was 17 I was on a team and at the start of the season I rarely got into games and when I did I blew even though in pre season I was lights out. I kept working at it and by the end of the season I was the go to guy in tight situations. Sounds like your like I was, quietest guy on the team and not getting into trouble, just bust your ass and do your best.

One other thing is the coach may already feel he knows what you can do and wants to know what the other guys can do. It’s better to find out early in the season than down the stretch when it counts.

Thanks for the advice i will keep a posotive attitude and hope