I’m a soph. and i want to make the hs team and maybe even the legion. I’m 5’7 (maybe 5’6 1/2) throw around 73-75, decent curve, etc.

I wont be done with fall ball and football until early/mid November. I’d just like to soak in any knowledge from people who may’ve been in the same type situations. FAilure aint an option this Spring. Help!

Dear NC 15,

I like the fact that you are searching for advice for the upcoming season. Also, I like the fact that you play football. Talking with professional scouts, that is one of the first questions they ask players. Personally, I think football always made players mentally tougher, especially pitchers. If I were you, after football, I would sit down and make out a personal workout schedule. If you can, get a partner to workout with you. Furthermore, I would go to the coach and get some quantiative numbers that he is looking for 60 time, weight lifting goals, and pitching velocity. Remember, the off-season is like a savings account the more you put in, the more you can take out!! Below, I would address the following areas on a daily basis:

  1. Arm/Shoulder Strength

  2. Core Strength

  3. Upper/Lower Body Strength

  4. Conditioning

  5. Mental Training

If you work at this consistently, I think you should be able to reach the 80MPH mark, if you are currently in the mid-70MPH range. Another secret I would suggest is mixing in some yoga and pillotes exercises. These exercises really helped with overall body strength and flexibility. Send me a PM if you want a more detailed schedule. Good Luck.

Thanks for getting me a schedule. I might not be able to do some of that stuff, but i’ll do most of it. Most defintely the 5 you pointed out.

Also, I plan on taking protein powder, should I take anything such as a multi-vitamin or anything down those lines?

a protein supplement is good and multi-vitamin as well, that should cover everything, that and just eating right

I helped out a high school pitching staff the last two years and I always told the pitchers to eat a lot of protein, that simple. Although, at your age I was taking protein shakes, One-A-Day multi-vitamins, and creatine(only during the off-season).