Hi, I’m a 13 year old 7th grader. My leagues(3and2 baseball KS) mounds are 54 ft and I am more of a control pitcher. But this month my team is playing in a 13 to 15 year old league with the potential to play on a all star team which will play in the RBI world series regionals. The only thing I am worried about is we are playing high school dimensions. So do you have any advice on pitching from 6 ft farther back?

Start doing it now, you’ll need the practice and strength.

I agree with jd. Start now. Believe it or not that extra 6 feet makes a big difference. Recently at tryouts for incoming 8th graders I watched several pitchers who had never thrown from 60’6". There was a few very frustrated 7th grade pitchers.

Look at it like a huge advantage for you, the extra distance will allow for more movement on you fastball, when my kids moved to that distance it really wasn’t that dramatic for them just throw through the catcher, good luck.

I also agree with starting it now to “ease” your way into it. If you just start doing it without preparing for it, you’ll find yourself with a sore arm.

When my son made the transition he started warming up behind the mound and slowly moved back to second base…think of it as a modified long toss. As he worked his way back to the mound from second base his intensity and concentration was supposed to increase. Arriving back at the mound, you should feel like you are pitching closer than 60’6". The second base throw is about 130 feet. Crow hop if you need to.

You don’t have to go all the way back to second base to get the benefits. Do whatever is comfortable and maybe work back to this distance as you get stronger. Like the shooting sports, it becomes a matter of training your eye and tricking your brain into interpreting the distance as an “easy shot” comparatively speaking and it will translate into confidence. Aim little…miss little. Be strong.

Make sure you have a good routine for warming up before you throw. Some running, some stretching and some RTC exercises with bands. Get the blood pumping.

All excellent advise I agree.