Advice regarding recruiting, contacting coaches, etc,


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My son is a rhp and a 2018 grad. I am seeking some advice, suggestions, etc… on the recruiting process, contacting college coaches, etc…
As a freshman in high school my son was average size and ability. He was around 5’9" played shortstop and pitched from time to time. I would guesstimate his fastball was in the low 70’s. He was a very effective pitcher in that he understood what it took to get outs.

As a sophomore he was moved up to the varsity team and primarily played third base. He also grew to around 6’ and weighed about 160lbs. He pitched from time to time and his fastball velocity topped out at around 80mph.

Up until this time he did not consider himself to be a prospect of any sort. I tried to get him to go camps, etc… but he was not interested. We did convince him to play for a mid-level travel team last summer. He primarily pitched and had decent success because he changed speeds and hit his spots. His fastball velocity at that time was 78 to 81 mph.

After the travel ball season was over last summer he began to aggressively work out. He has not missed a day in the weight room since July 2016.

He is a very good student and I convinced him to go to an “academic showcase” in November of 2016. At this camp his velocity was 79-83.
At the end of November 2016 he began to work with a pitching coach. His “baseline” velocity was 80-83. By middle February his velocity was 84-86. He has also grown and is now 6’3" about 180.

He is also now going to play for one of the more advanced travel teams in the area this summer. He will be playing in the WWBA tournament at “Perfect Game” in July.

In addition to his growth “spurt” over the past couple of years he has also made strides with is velocity. Is there any advice, suggestions, etc… any of you all more experienced can provide to increase his visibility to college coaches.

We were scheduled to do a video a couple of weeks ago but it snowed and it does not appear there will be other opportunities in between his scheduled starts.


Nothing wrong with contacting coaches and expressing interest in their programs. Ask if they offer any camps. Make sure to consider academic desires and find schools that match those desires. Videos are ok as long as they are to the point. No frilly stuff - they just need to demonstrate abilities/skills and even how one handles himself in adversity.

This link may help:




Thank you very much for the reply…

Due to not having a video do you believe it would be prudent to reach out to the coaches via email at this time? Or, would it be a better idea to hold off until he has a video?

All of this is very new to me… I had the opportunity to play at a D1 school many, many years ago. The recruiting process back then was the college coaches reaching out to the players via suggestions from pro scouts. Back then it seemed everything was based on one’s performance at the high school level… just a couple of months ago we were advised results in high school are irrelevant.

#5 is a great way get all your questions answered. It has a live forum where you can read other people’s Q & A some of which are the same as yours as well as some you might think would be embarrassing someone else already asked. Getting on their mailing list gets you a calendar telling what you should be doing year round in preparation. .Also was good cheap and at the time gives you form letters addressed to all coaches and assistant coaches you like giving them a link to your videos personal athletic and academic bios


Thank you very much for the suggestions…

I will check those sites out.


There is another Forum that deals with the high school baseball player, the recruiting process, and I’m sure you can find a lot of information there.


Playing in the WWBA will put him in front of all the big time college (and Pro) scouts. If there are particular colleges you have in mind at that point, you can e-mail them your son’s schedule there (when he is scheduled to pitch).

Also, if there is any way he can hit 90 mph at the WWBA, the college coaches will seek him out. I was at the WWBA a couple years ago and they literally make an announcement whenever a pitcher hits 90. The scouts come down out of the scout tower and head over to that field.


Hey guys I really appreciate all of the responses and suggestions.

It gives me some direction.


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