Advice on workout plan for soon to be 14 yr old

Soon to be 14 year old going into the 8th grade, no Jr High ball so a year from now will be 1st school tryout. He’s finished with spring and taking about 6 weeks off before fall practice. Will take another two months off after fall before starting practice for spring season. He would like to begin strength training during his breaks. We have a Bowflex at home and I’m more comfortable with him using at his age than free weights, also no heavy resistance. His pitching coach has advised him to do lots of running including during season. He does continue to hit and throw the baseball during off seasons (including long toss), just no pitching off the mound. He is 5’7"" 115 lbs and a very fit kid. I would say he has entered puberty but on the front end. Looking for for some advice on whether this is a good approach or some better ideas.

start reading everything eric cressey has to offer…this was one of the best things I did for my career…educate yourself and it will pay off tenfold for your son in the long run…also don’t be afraid of free weights or resistance training for him, just educate yourself on the proper way to train.

i’d suggest finding a very qualified trainer and having your son follow a program, at least initially. It doesn’t have to be a 5 day a week heavy lifting program for it to be effective, and at that level, a little strength goes a long way.

Elkein, appreciate the info but looking for strength training why he’s taking a break from pitching

Thanks for the info Lanky, reading up on Cressey & think this will really help him going forward. Lots of good information.