Advice on throwing a slider?


I’ve been trying to throw a slider for about 3 months now and all it does is spin, so my coach has switched me to throw a cutter which works a little bit but I want the hard breaking slider in my arsenal


Do you throw over the top or sidearm?


Over the top


That could pose a problem. Most pitchers have an easier time with a lower arm slot, 3/4 or sidearm—have you considered dropping your arm angle some?


I throw 3/4, sorry I didn’t think to put that lol


I reduce my wrist supination by about 50% from that of my curve ball and throw it like a fastball. I don’t snap or twist. I simply try to maintain my wrist and forearm angle / orientation for as long as possible to release. This is where I use my tennis can and my baseball with an line drawn around the circumference.

I have the weight of the can adjusted to 5 - 5.25 ounces through the use of old rags. You can adjust the weight of it to whatever you want by adding more rags. Tape the cover on firmly with athletic tape and you are off to the races. Try to get the can to tumble on a 45 for a good slider rotation and vertically for a good 12-6 hammer…or go for whatever points on the clock face you desire simply by adjusting your forearm / wrist alignment.


Grip 1/3 outter pourtion of the ball use that wrist angle


Any other views of the wrist angle?



I’ll add my unorthodox slider method as something to try if you get desperate. I literally gripped a four seam fastball, middle finger on the imagined prime meridian of the ball. I lifted my index finger then pictured middle finger cutting the ball in half like the iPhone game Fruit Ninja. Obviously this requires a little wrist pronation. Just do what feels natural to impart the right spin on the ball. It was so second nature to me that I’m afraid I will have a hard time explaining much more. This is the pitch that made my dad stop catching me without protective gear.

Started this around 9th or 10th grade and it got me through high school, Legion ball and college as a standout pitcher on each team.


Haha… The fruit ninja slider. Love it. Could be on to something. Actually it’s good advice. I always struggled with the slider and felt the 12-6 curve was a better pitch for me because of my high arm slot.


Haha branded pitches? Let’s pitch it to MLB execs. “That slider brought to you by Fruit Ninja.”

It’s weird - I had a really good 12-6 curve ball as a youngster, but it slowly got less and less effective. Could be that it always sucked and younger hitters just are scared of anything resembling a curveball haha. The slider became my go-to breaking ball in my high school years before I dropped down sidearm and effectively killed any 12-6 possibilities.


@sidewinder34, what age did you change your arm slot and why did you change it? Also was it difficult to transition to your new slot once you began? My son is thinking about changing his arm slot so just trying to get some Info on it. Thanks.


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