Advice on spring baseball

Ok so I am looking for advice on what I need to focus on this upcoming year in spring baseball. For some background info, I am a sophmore LHP and I usually sit around 82-83 and up to 84. I am really striving to make varsity, and all summer I have been facing varsity hitters, players committed to college, and even some division 1 commits. in the winter however I broke my ankle and had surgery but will recover just before the season starts. It got me thinking however, should i really focus on the summer and fall instead of being intent on making varsity baseball? The head varsity coach told me I will pitch innings for them, but i have doubts since they have a strong pitching staff already.

Well why wouldn’t you want to play spring ball? Most likely you will play the other two anyways. I would say, get back to healthy and get out there. Once your arm is prepped and ready, play ball. You only get one go at this whole career, don’t let moments slip by.

If the varsity coach has told you that you will be throwing for them this spring, why would you doubt him? Just doesn’t make sense to lose the experience. This spring may get you a spot in the rotation for late in the season or even next spring as a junior.

Try your best and let the coach make the decisions. Don’t over-think it. Most people don’t get to play past High School, so don’t sit out anything!

I agree with everyone else…definitely play varsity this spring. The spring season is the one that truly counts, when everybody wants to perform their best, and the season that will get you awards and in turn, noticed by colleges. If anything, I would consider taking the fall off from competitive playing and just focus on training.