Advice On Coaching

So as I’ve mentioned before the coach of my old legion team asked me to help him out on the coaching staff this year. It’s obviously volunteer work but I’d still like to do the best job I can to help these guys compete.

Since this will be my first experience coaching I am just curious about a few things.

What are the best ways to teach a player a skill? Since my expertise in the field is on first and third I guess a lot of what I’ll be teaching is fielding short hops and sharply hit balls.

Should I avoid talking to kids about pitching and hitting? Since I already know some of my hitting and pitching philosophies differ from head coach.

How do I deal with players who I played with in legion? Some of them may disregard what I say to them, since they may see me as a past teammate rather than a coach.

What should I expect as far as how much responsibility I will be given?
I know I will be the young guy that might not be trusted as well as the other guys. But I do know I had some responsibility when I was a player too, there were times when I was trusted with sitting down to help make the lineup or even helped make decisions on substitutions after an injury, ejection or just an unexpected shortage of players (playing with 9 or 10).

I do understand that every person, team and staff have something unique about them, different style, dynamic, etc. I figure a lot of that will help me since I’m already familiar with most of the dynamics of the team, staff and even advantages of the home field.

Anyways thank you for reading and thanks for any advice. You guys are some of my best support, pals and sources of information. Thanks guys!

Off the top of my head:

Take a simple approach.
Let the head coach provide you direction.
Be honest in all your interactions with the team.
Be honest with yourself and your intentions.
Don’t try to make it a perfect experience.
When you find yourself overthinking & complicating matters…close your eyes, smell the green grass, breath in the clean fresh air, and feel the sun on your face. You are there to add one small feature to the painting not create a masterpiece all by yourself.
Be almost anonymous.

This is a good thought to have:

Dino’s advice is solid.

I would also add soak up EVERYTHING that you can from the Head Coach learn as much as you can from him and his experiences.