Advice on 'advice'

Hi gang!!

I’ve been out of the loop for awhile. Been lurking from time to time, but no input. Now I need some…
I did the NPA certification last december. Great stuff. Been working with my son’s team recently. I approached the local youth athletic association about helping other kids / teams here in the area as a coach / instructor and we’re working on that. (Lee - it’s working!!)
Just yesterday, I was approached by the local high school to help their varsity and JV pitchers. Any suggestions from those who have done this as to things I should make sure to do and to NOT do? Any thoughts are appreciated.
I’m just a dad with an interest in pitching. Plenty of coaching experience with youth but not high school.
BTW - and not to be too guilty of plugging, but the NPA ideas really work, and that’s the reason this is all working well.



Are you a paid member on the NPA website? There is a person in the forums over there going through the same thing and has posted about his experiences working with a high school’s pitchers and sort of bumping heads with the incumbent freshman pitching coach (who teaches using a belief system based on conventional wisdoms).

It’s $50 per year to join if you’re not already a member. But I will say that the forums there don’t get the traffic this site gets.