Advice from experts on this forum: 10 year pitching mechanic

My son is 10. I want to get his pitching mechanics sound. Here are 3 front and 1 side shots in slow motion.

What is important to improve?

(1) Is the head motion caused by his high arm slot. His control is good but should this be fixed?

(2) I don’t think he takes the ball back in a conventional manner. Problem?

(3) what else am I missing?

completely off topic…

what camera did you use for this?

BTW, I think his head jerking to the left and then back toward target is going to lead to many problems down the road. His forward momentum needs to come toward target, including his head…it’s good that you guys are working on mechanics at this age.

We need a sticky posted at the top of this forum.

Most common problems:

  1. You should be moving towards home plate as soon as your leg lifts up. This is not necesary, but is highly recommended to increase forward momentum. (Look at 2:40)

  2. Opening up too early. Look at 2:50, he is completely opened up before he lands.

  3. Too short of a stride (your son’s stride looks like a good length though, just make sure it stays close to his height).

  4. Hip and Arm Rotation. He should land on his front foot, square his hips with the plate then rotate his upper body. This is where a lot of speed is created. He rotates both at the same time, look at 0:33.