Advice for thus 10u

Pitching is but his main thing but any advice?

As long as he’s the one in the foreground and not the one that looks like he is going to fall on his face after every pitch, then I think he looks pretty good. He looks like he has a good build for baseball in general. He looks like he’s not really bringing it in the video, but more so trying to focus on mechanics and being perfect for the camera :slight_smile: His mechanics do look pretty nice, though. His top side looks pretty decent - he might benefit from a little more lower body drive. Of course, if you get his lower body moving a little faster to the plate, his upper body timing is going to have adjust as well.

My comments are just generalities of course. Is he having any difficulties with accuracy or velocity that you would like addressed by the fine folks on this site?

Thanks for reply.
Yes it is the closer kid.

We were just doing bull pen sessions so he knows to work on mechanics. He takes skit of pride in every position. Pitching is more of am after thought. He likes to pitch only in pressure situations. He would rather be catcher.

Tryouts this year he clocked at 63mph had change up and knuckle ball.

Not looking for anything particular just things too help him.

If you Look at his footwork in the the windup, not sure he is getting much more than in the stretch. Enjoy. Great age to pitch.