Advantages of living/playing baseball in southern states

Outside of the fact your able to practice/play baseball more, I’ve heard that warm weather lengthens the ligaments and tendons in your body to aid in throwing a baseball. Is there any proof to the thought that warm weather enhances the body?

Take a look around the major leagues and you’ll find a lot of pitchers who can’t seem to do anything in colder weather but who catch fire when the weather heats up. The warm weather certainly does make it easier for a pitcher to warm up and stay warm during a game—with one caveat: what happens when that pitcher’s team has a big inning, scores a lot of runs—such half-innings can last twenty-six or more minutes, and the pitcher needs to do something to keep that arm from getting cold…a jacket, wrap a towel around the arm, or get a catcher and go down in the tunnel and play catch to stay loose.
On the flip side, you’ll find pitchers who do best in colder weather. Which are you? 8)

Dinoson has been in the south since August and is still pitching in games. This is long after our northern schools have tarped up their field, turned over their indooor facilities to the fall sports and packed it up for the winter. He just came home for a short break and found it snowing. His response was, “God I hate this crap.”

Warm weather is definitely where its at.

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Bingo bango bongo. (stolen from Hammer :mrgreen: ) Although it can be a double-edged sword for those who don’t know how to take some time off each year.

there are more players in the south for the same reason there are more alpine skiers in the mountains. but you can succeed in the north. some really good players come from new england - biggio, bagwell, dibble.

i think it’s easier to learn how to pitch in the north than play a position. you can train a pitcher indoors. there are certain things positin players can’t do inside when it’s 20’