Advantage of leftys

I was just wondering, what distinct advantages do leftys have over a righty.

One distinct advantage a southpaw has is with a runner on first. The lefthanded pitcher has an easier time holding runners on base, and when it comes to pickoff moves—there’s no comparison. Ever see Andy Pettitte in action? He has one of the deadliest moves to first I’ve ever seen. You may have heard the story about a guy who reached first base and was promptly picked off; when he got back to the dugout his manager got on him, and the runner said he was just standing there on first tapping the bag with his toe and the pitcher got him between taps—with someone like Pettitte it’s only a slight exaggeration. Also, the lefthanded pitcher who throws sidearm, especially if he uses the crossfire, is very tough for the batter to pick up on what he’s throwing. These are just two examples. 8)

Ya i love Andy Pettitte him and Muse are probably my two favorite pitchers :D.

only 10% of the population is lefty. getting one with mlb skill is tough to come by. and a good lefty will almost always neutralize a lefty hitter. leftys are tough on lefties. very rare that a lefty hitter hits lefties as well as righties

Being a southpaw myself, I have noticed that since I was about 10 I have had tremendous run on my fastballs no matter how I grip it. This has forced me to rethink how I throw the baseball. A lot of teammates in High School/College refused to warm up with me because it was such a nightmare.

Yeah, just the number of quality lefty pitchers (appx 10% of all pitchers) is a big factor. But also the break of off-speed pitches to RH hitters is especially tough.

since i am a lefty, one advantage i have is definetly the pick off move. I also think the way our fastballs run in on rightys and away from leftys

or the exact opposite