Adrian's pitching/ workout journal

Ok im making this cause i need to keep track of how im doing and i forget very easily how i pitch. My goal is to be a starter pitcher for the traveling team by the end of the season.

7.10.10."I started the game on Saturday. I thought my arm was feeling good. But when i started to pitch i got this pain. It went away and it didnt hurt that much when it came back.

First inning i gave up 4 runs. I think 3 of them were earned. But they were just knocking my pitches. Gaps and everything. The second and third innings were scoreless. I told my coach after the third inning my arm was hurting but i can pitch one more inning. So the fourth inning i was getting them in 0-2 counts but they just smashed the breaking balls. And so i gave up 3 runs and my coach took me out. 7 runs given up and 4 strikeouts. Probably only 2 walks and 3 and a half innings pitched. and oh yeah it was 3.5 innings pitched. not four."

7.12.10. Today i started with pain in my arm again. Only 1 days of rest and really it wasnt rest. i had a triple header that 1 days of rest and i was playing different spots not pitching. But today i pitched 5 innings. im pretty sure 1-2 walks. 6 given up runs. But maybe 3 of them were earned. 88 pitches thrown. and i think 3-4 strikeouts. I have no idea of finding out the stats if my coaches never tell me. Idk the amount of hits. But most of them were errors and the other team just made us thrown around everywhere giving up easy runs. And that was a lost. So as of this point im 0-1 starting. The first game was no decision. Next game wednesday and im really hoping im not pitching. Too soon to pitch again.


Today my arm started to hurt. I got this pain from like above my elbow. But it went away before my game started. So today i pitched 1 inning. It was a shutout inning out team was winning 8-1 in fifth inning. So my coach put me in for that inning. I struck out 1 person. zero runs. One batter got on base by error. I dont know how many pitches that was. But after that inning we won by slaughter rule so that was game. Missed a pop fly that came to me by the line. I over ran it and it bounced foul. That was pretty much it for today. I am getting this pain by the acromion. which is by my collar bone on my throwing shoulder. Im hoping it goes away.


Did not pitch today. Sat all the way to the fifth inning while our pitchers were getting hammered and the coach putting all the sore and tired pitchers except the fresh and fully ready Adrian who is warming up the bench for the team. Goot in the 6th inning to the outfield. Possibly the worst game all season for me. Just releasing the stress in this post. Has nothing to do with my pitching season.

stats: ERA:9.53/RA:10/ER:6/SO:9/IP:8.5/WALKS:3
Wins/Lose starting: 0-1
Holds: 1
Saves: 0
Blownsaves: 0
No decisions: 1

As July 16 those are my stats.


Another game today where i didn’t pitch. It was a play off game. I understand. But even the players on the team are wondering why i’m not pitching. Strange. Sat all the way till bottom 6th to play right field for two innings. Didn’t even bat. This is really not looking swell.


Exciting day!! i just got all my pitching stats from my spring baseball team!
This has nothing to do with the current traveling team im on. But this is pretty important as well.

Final stats for portage 2010 pony league :cry: last year at portage. It was so damn worth it.

IP:39/ AB:223 / SO:62/ BB:29 / H: 43 / R: 64 / ER: 30 / GP: 15 / ERA: 6.923

Fun as hell year. Suck ass team though.


Today was a back to back double header. I started the first game. Yup started. So first inning i gave up 5 runs. All the hits were pop flys or bloopers. Nothing went deep. Just weak hits and i walked probably 2 people. The problem also was that my catcher was not even thinking right. O-2 he called for fastball. Im like WTF. Then the third inning they switch catchers and he gets the curve ball going for me. I struck out three people with the curve ball and my coach took me out of the game.
Stats today
IP: 4 / R: 6 / ER: 4 (IMO) / H: idk / Walks: 3 or 4 / K: 3

Mechanics not improving at all. Right now its probably 5 hours after i pitched and my sore is arm. Shoulder, tricep and bicep soreness. No elbow pain. Did a lot better from the windup than i did with the stretch. Needs to learn a good pick off move and how to pitch from the strech. I didnt even use my back leg. So bad. I felt like i was 12 years old pitching today. Oh well… we’ll see if im pitching wednesday or thursday.


Today i started. Oh yeah. Started again. This time there wasnt not “oh the first inning sucked and i pitched a shutout after that” it was a pure shutout the whole game. I pitched the complete game ( 5 innings because of slaughter rule ) and shutout. 82 pitches. Slider was orgasmic. Had about 7-8 strikeouts. I dont know exactly. Unofficial stats of course. The pitch counts were accurate. Im pretty sure it was 7k’s. 4 walks i think? And maybe 3-4 hits. 0 runs given up. Yup put a big ol duck egg there. And batting i was 2-3 with 2 rbis and 1 run. MY mechanics practice did nothing today. I have to practice on a mound instead of a flat surface cause it did nothing good. I was throwing the ball before my post foot even landed. The only time it was working out was when i threw my curve ball and slider. My changeup was too high today of course. Thats what sucked. But my two seam is kind of losing its natural tail as im changing my mechanics. I dont know why but its going the other way.

Plus, yesterday our team won the suburban 15-16 league. It was like 4 teams but it was their high schools ace teams. And just a inner chicago city team dominated that league. Now were in the city league playoffs starting next week. This is like the best team ive ever been on. Its Portage Park from chicago. Its so unknown but so great for baseball. We have like the best chemistry on the team and theres not a single player who shines on their own. Everyone shines in their own way on this team. Just too good.

next post would probably next week. Peace.

First round out of playoffs. I started.
Loss, 5 walks, 7 RO, 6 ER, Alot of hits, so:2, ip: 5, NP: 90
Horrible game. I had a really big post that got cancelled. I dont feel like retyping it. Maybe another time.

Hey, it’s happened to me…and I just take it as a sign that all that stuff didn’t need to be written down for all to see. Regroup tomorrow. :slight_smile:

i love reading this topic. I like how much i sucked back then. But update!
As of Monday Sep 27, 2010 i tried out for the school team for pitching. Surprisingly i actually made the baseball team! The downside is that he wants me to throw the curveball his way and he didnt let me use my slider for the tryout. After my mini tryout( it was individual tryout cause i’m a lefty ) he told me to go practice with the team. Then wednesday we had a batting practice. BORING. And monday is the next practice. I hope I actually practice pitching for once.

Your a freshman and your school team already had tryouts, our high school team doesn’t try out till January or so.

WHAT??? I wish our practices started that early… according to Delawares rules we cant have sanctioned practices until March 1st!

Take advantage of all those practices and try to land a starting spot!

Yea they can do some conditioning and weights Jan 1, then February tryouts and then practice can’t start until some time in March. Can’t wait!!!

Im a sophomore actually buwhite. I never made the freshmen team because i chose Cross Country over Baseball last year. Big mistake. Now this year i said baseball over anything. But yeah we start practice and then all winter we do “conditioning” because its too cold outside to actually practice. Then Spring i wont have to worry about a try out cause they’ll know me and I just get to go bench warm all spring and summer.

Yea we can’t even start school sponsored conditioning until Jan 1 here, really sucks.

Do it on your own. Will probably get a better workout in anyways. Where i go to school we don’t even have anything like that. We have our first day of practice, and then go from there. I would like to get into a more baseball serious school though. With some more competition. Plus you have things like team conditioning and coaches who actually teach you something, unlike mine. :roll:

Yea I already work out once a week with my hitting instructor or pitching instructor then also pitch with my brother and sometimes another day too.


Today was a scrimmage game against the Varsity team. The coach wanted to win pretty much. We had a close game 3-2. I did nothing the whole game. Then the last batter i pitched for the varsity team cause the game was finishing and there was no sun left. 2 Outs man on 2nd and 3rd. The batter from my team comes up. I pitch from the stride. 2 fast balls and a slider for the K and the save. First strikeout for my high school team. My coach was like super happy about it. I was too but i just acted like it’s a normal thing for me. I dont want to get cocky at all or else the teammates would hate me. So i just act like i suck and stuff. But i guess they learned that i got skills today.


What an amazing day. Our team played the varsity team today. This was a really big game. Now let me remind you that our varsity team is the 3rd best team in the CITY of CHICAGO. And our team is #1 Sophomore team in CHICAGO. So I’m playing on a really talented team. So we beat this varsity team 6-2. I actually pitched a whole inning. So this is how it went down. I pitch the first batter strikeout but then drop third and the catcher over throws the ball. Then I strike out the next batter on the same pitch as the first one and the catcher caught it this time. So 2 strike outs and then my coach just said let them hit it. So they scored 2 unearned runs due to our teams errors. That was pretty much it. I struck out two varsity players. I’m fine with that. Also I’m starting to fit in the team. The players are liking me a lot. So things are going out real smoothly. That was pretty much the last game for fall ball. Next game is in the spring. Conditioning all winter. I might not post in this for a while. I’ll post in here if some amazing stuff happens.