Adrian Peterson Workout

Hey Guys…
Obviously this workout is not made for baseball players, its made to get yourself jacked into a super human being… But I had a question about it… He does a lot of one set exercises with 6-10 reps… whats the benefit of only doing one set? Is there a point to doing it at all then?

Heres the link.;col1

Elite athletes with superior genetics get away with a whole host of subpar training routines. Additionally, even if they have good training regimens, they will be structured in a much different manner than what a novice/intermediate lifter with regular genetics needs.

In short, do NOT use what elite NFL/MLB players do as your base of training.

I wonder if this is while he is in season or not. That may have something to do with the 1 set routine.

yeah im not sure what type of workout it is… but if I modified it somehow how do you think it’d be… any advice?

I agree with Kyleb. Don’t do something just because an elite athlete is told to do it by his strength coach. The coach has NO business claiming that this program is responsible for Peterson’s success (maybe he didn’t directly claim this but it was obviously inferred). Peterson was a beast already, and I bet you what he did to BECOME the physical beast that he was pre-vikings had nothing to do with 4 day a week workouts consisting of 20 exercises/workout and a high volume of machine training.

Be wary when a program doesn’t tell you the specific quantifiable results it has observed/achieved with its athletes. The closest this article gets (unless i missed something) is saying that he squatted “315lbs for reps” the day after breaking the single game rushing record. Even for 10 reps, 315 isn’t anywhere near “freaky” at a lean 6’1" 215-220lbs.

Just because an elite athlete happens to use it does not necessarily make it optimal for them, and even if it did, doesn’t necessarily make it optimal for a different elite player (even playing the same sport/position) and certainly not a non-elite player playing a different sport/position.