Adian 12y Pitching Analysis

I like most of what I see in his delivery after hand break. It looks like he gets the ball beyond his center line in the direction of 3rd instead of having a more vertical cocked position. Beyond that, he looks good and has great follow through. Before hand break, I like to see the hands moving up during the lift then down and out during the stride. He seems to whack his glove arm with his leg lift because his hands are static. Not a huge deal, but I imagine his pick move would be easy to spot.

That’s really all I was going to point out, too. The bump of the knee hitting the hands can be eliminated by simply raising up the hands and creating a little tempo there.

Otherwise, really very solid. Nice work.

Looks good! The main thing I noticed was his head moved back towards 2nd base during knee lift. That may be due to having his feet a bit to far apart in the set position. Maybe have him bring them just inside the shoulders. Better to have his head only moving towards home rather than moving back than having to reverse direction.

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I have always noticed him wacking his glove hand with his knee, and I seehow it might hinder him. Having his feet inside his shoulders is also a great point. We will work on these aspects of his motion next time he pitches with me. Thank you for the input. Keep them coming.

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Looks really good, probably best of what I’ve seen of the kids you’ve posted so far ( haven’t seen the ones below this yet). If there w’s anything,but would be extend front leg at pitch release but otherwise he’s great!

Thank you for the input. I welcome you looking and commenting on all my boys I have pitching at my house. We read and go over all coaches thoughts.

Looks good. Don’t worry about minute mechanical details just tell him to throw hard and with intent, his body will naturally sort itself.