Addressing the mound issue

Over the weekend the kids played a tournament. One of the pitchers complained that he was missing his pitches because the mound was too steep…and to tell the truth it was notan inch per foot as per the rules. It looked like the Matterhorn. Of course, both pitchers have the same mountain to climb (pardon the pun), but what would you suggest the pitcher do in this situation.

Can he groom the mound extensively, or does he just have to accommodate the mound and do the best he can?

I once made a complete fool of myself on a steep mound like that. Couldn’t get anything over the plate. IT’s a tough one. Having a ridiculous mound is a valid excuse, but you’ve still gotta find ways to deal with it. IF you can’t improvise, then forget about it, move on to the next game.

I have heard this excuse plenty of times, when I was in high school there was actually a school where you threw flat ground. Yes, I am not kidding. I pitched there twice and as a pitching coach of mine once said. “You are your own best pitching coach”. Taking this to heart the best thing to do is just figure out how to pitch of the mound. Case in point, if the mound was standard and the pitcher was missing high and away what would his excuse be then? I think the best thing I would tell him is to just take the mount out of the equation and figure out where you are missing, most likely he was missing up in the zone. He could have fixed that by slowing down his motion and letting his arm catch up to his body. I know this is not ideal but sometimes there are only a few options a pitcher has.