Adding velocity and another pitch

hey i’m 15. sophomore this year. my 8th grade year i was a long reliever for my school team and summer team. i was baseically a work horse out of the bullpen. after the season when we had lifting and throwing my arm didn’t feel right so i took the spring season off and now playing summer ball for my school but how can i get my velocity up to where i need it and i need a fourth pitch. i don’t throw hard at all but i have a wicked curve that i don’t throw by snapping. i have a straight change and a circle change that works to with a little movement. wat can i do to add velocity and another pitch that won’t hurt my arm.anything will help.

Try a sinker. It’s a great pitch to have.

i would like to because i do like to get groundball outs and my infield players are better than my outfield. how do you hold it and throw it.

the easiest way is to take a two seam grip, then move your fingers slighty closer together. On release make sure to get on top of the ball and throw it low in the zone. Try it out, tell me how it works for you

thanks i will but i pitched tonight and threw 2 innings of relief and didn’t give up ne runs.i did stuff different things by changing release points and my curve worked better.but i will thanks.

thats good news