Adding Mass

I don’t have a problem adding muscle mass to my legs at all, but when it comes to my upper body I have not noticed any growth for quite some time now. Does anyone know why this is? Any help will be appreciated.


could be a million things from maybe you need more protein to the type of upper body workouts you are doing, also if you’ve been doing the same upper body workout for a while you may have plateaued and need to try different exercises to work the same muscles. If you don’t have much upper body strength to begin with it might be hard to do enough upper body working out before getting exhausted, but the only solution there is to just keep pushing (within safe means) to get those extra reps. Information on the type of upper body workouts you do might help.

Right now I’m doing the In-season workout of Tuff Cuff. If you don’t have the book, I’ll post the exercises.

Can you post the workout so we may review the flaws of your plan?

Why the need for upper body mass? In any case, here are some quick fixes…

    * Vary your upper-body exercise every 2-weeks * Do 2x more pulling exercise than pushing * Mix grips (fat-bar, use towels, vary hand positions) * Stick with compound movements (pull-ups, push-ups, etc.) * Keep your loads between 50-75% and focus on SPEED (Force = Mass x Acceleration)... typical rep range will be between 5-8 reps * Keep your muscle under tension longer > 30 sec (focus on a slow negative/eccentric and an explosive positive/concentric)

[quote=“BSSC_Zach”]Why the need for upper body mass? In any case, here are some quick fixes…

    • Keep your muscle under tension longer > 30 sec (focus on a slow negative/eccentric and an explosive positive/concentric)

This is good advice for hypertrophy. I’d think that it conflicts with your 5-8 rep range though. Most could do far more than 5-8 reps on pullups or pushups if given 30+ seconds. The common range that I hear for hypertrophy is 10-15 reps.

I have the same problem to some extent. I can add 1lb a week to my thighs and ass when I’m squatting and deadlifting, but it takes me a lot longer to add bulk to my upper half. Just keep plugging away and the gains will eventually come if you’re on a good program.

hey whats up dude hows it going.

I can give you some advice on adding muscle mass to your upper body.

The way i am. Is that i can add muscle mass to both my legs and my upper body. I can do it.

Here is what i do:

My upper body workout is this:
Bicep curls
tricep extensions(skullcrushers)
forearm curls
forearm twists

What i tend to do is that if i can lift the weight more than 10-15 times then i usually add more weight. I try to focus on usually 2 sets at high intensity.

Other than that i think why i can gain so much muscle on my upper body is for the simple reason that i lift every other day.

Monday: upper body
tuesday: lower
Sunday: rest(only if really tired)

But ya i think that by doing it every other day it helps a lot. I workout every single day. I don’t take any supplements or anything else.

Another important thing. I really stress the BENCH PRESS alot. I am only 165lbs 5’10 and i can bench 220lbs. But ya i plan on getting to about 180lbs. Anyways really stress the bench press because if you want to get bigger muscles on your upper body you have to attack the big muscle groups not small muscle group.

Example: BEnch press targets shoulders, triceps and chest.
While bicep curls only targets your bicep which is a small muscle.

Also alot of people may tell you not to bench press or lift heavy weights with your upper body. But for me it really helps alot.

To sum it up:

Focus on bench press and my workout.Always make sure to have a spotter as well when bench pressing and do what you are comfortable with.
Workout every other day the same muscle group
After working out i like to drink 1L of skim milk which has 0 fat and 36grams of protein. I have significantly seen gains in my muscle just by doing that alone. No joke. So ya try that.

Sorry for it being so long.