Adding a Splitter?

I’ve been working on thowing a splitter recently but I’m not sure if its a good or bad thing to add to my arsenal
I have a fastball, change and a big loopy curve, I read somewhe that its not good to mix a splitter with a loopy curve or is it a good thing? I’m not sure.
any help would be apreciated

The split-finger fastball is most often used as a change-up pitch. If your three-fingered change-up does what it is supposed to do for you (i.e., if your armspeed and body mechanics “look FB” but the CU is 10-15 mph off of your FB speed, and maybe even has a bit of movement) then there is no particular reason that you should be throwing a splitter.

On the other hand, many young pitchers do not know how to throw a change-up pitch that does what it is supposed to do. If you throw something with a 3-fingered grip but your palm is facing forward at the release point (that is, like a FB release)…that is a mediocre fastball, in my opinion, and not a change-up.

If you don’t know how to throw a CU, or you can’t make it work correctly when you do know how, a splitter can be a very good alternative for you.

However, I don’t necessarily see much benefit to a pitcher developing and fine-tuning both.

I use both. 8) However, I don’t throw a very good breaking pitch. I used to, but that was before TJ. I still don’t get a feel for the breaking ball.

Depending on if you are starting or coming in relief, it’s not a bad pitch to have. I throw two pitches when I relieve. A 2-Seam and a Split. If you have to extend that relief, and maybe have to face the same batters more than once, that’s a good time to have the Change piece. It really messes with hitters. They come up to the plate, “Oh yea, I got you now buddy. You only throw 2 pitches. I know what you’re bringin.” That’s when the Change comes in. It’s absolutely devastating after 2 innings of 2 pitch baseball. (I am our #1 starter, so if I do come in relief, it’s usually extended…)

But you already throw a Curve. So this is my question to you. Do you get good movement on your FB? I’m not talking like an inch or two. I’m talking around 3-5 inches on average. If you throw a straighter FB, it’s not bad to throw a Split-finger FB. It gets a little sink, comes in a little slower, and keeps the hitter from jumping on your FB. It needs to be used in FB counts to keep them off balance, though.

Get comfortable with it. If you like it, fine, use it. If you don’t, scrap it. Don’t believe everything you read. Try it out, and see if it works. The only problem with a drop-off table splitter is it makes a loopy curveball a little less effective. Experiment for yourself. It can’t hurt…

well as far as movement on the FB goes I used to have a devestating sinking FB but if flattened out and now I just have a straight fastball
my splitter is just a bit slower than my FB with 4-6 inches of downward movment
and my CU is a bit slower than the splitter with 1-3 inches of downward movement
I 'll see how things work out

a split fingered shouldn’t be used as a changeup
it is a variation of a fastball
it shouldn’t be but 5-7 mph slower than your fastball
it is more of an outpitch

you wouln’t use a cutter or a two seam for a change
clemens, johnson and smoltz threw splits and changeups