Adding a pitch?

I think it could be useful if I my knuck wasn’t dancing one day but I’d rather use some sort of breaking ball instead of a change that I can’t use even if the knuck is dancing that day so that it’s not just a pitch I can only use in a certain situation.

Well, I say try eephusing your opponents and also start using maybe a submarine slider. Should be easy when you know to throw with submarine arm angle already.

But now that you mention, if you can’t get your knuckler to dance then I’d say you are in problems no matter what you do.
The things I recommended were meant to enchance your performance and help getting guys out when you DO have your knuckleball and fastball working. Adding the pitches I said to the mix would make your outings most likely better, but there’s no real cure for those days when nothing seems to work. No matter what you add, nothing will most likely turn a bad day to a good one.

PS: Do you have any scheduled game coming?

Just every now and then it has a day that it won’t dance no matter what I do however those seem to be the days that I am throwing my fastball my hardest so I wanted something to add for those days and your ideas have really given me ideas for things that can help for both types of days.