Adding a changeup to my repetoire

Hello, till now I pitched mostly 4-seams and sometimes cutters or 2-seams (moving fastballs), I don’t have many strike outs, because I usually jam them. So to complete my pitching style, I decided to try changeups (batters usually try to hit the ball before it moves, it would be good to mess with their timing). But there aren’t many guides to changeups up in the Internet and little to no information about their movement. It would really help me, if you write down (not reccomend) all kinds of changeups, their movements and grips. I heard that vulcan changeup has some kind of knuckle effect, is it really true? Sorry for my bad English ;D.

PS: for example : circle change - moves away from your glove hand
straight change - moves like a 4-seam, but slower

Research Pedro M’s 2 seam circle change. I teach his finger placement and arm motion. I have 10 year old kids throwing it pretty well as it cuts like a 2 seamer and drops and slows down like a change up.

Very easy grip as well.

I friend of mine teaches the vulcan and I see some kids use it with success. Problem with the Vulcan is that you have to have bigger hands because the grip resembles that of a splitter. That is tough with smaller hand or hands of most youth players.

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