Active rest

what are your guys thoughts on active rest. throwing 3 times a week from 60 to 90ft for about 10 mins?

I thought active rest was when you didn’t throw, but worked out and did tubing, running, etc. …

thats not what i know it is. It just it playing catch 3 times a week.

Ok, that’s what JD posted some time ago:

Peavey I gotta watch that memory of yours :smiley: (I better make sure I check and double check what I say :wink: )…I don’t enourage long toss or any pitching specific activity outside of perhaps some catch just to keep range of motion…The purpose Yanks is to allow healing of the throwing structure, my recommendations are based on the recommendations of The University of North Florida and my sons pitching coach…a former major leaguer. I don’t guess the phrase is copy-righted or anything so if reputable people have coached you to something different…well I’m not here to argue with it, just keep in mind that you are trying to recuperate from at least a season…maybe 2 of throwing and your body needs the rest.

Haha, thanks jd I have a very visual memory (i.e. remembering you posted that about your son … :lookup: it was the log or mechs page). :smartguy:

I understand both points of view/definitions. As long as you don’t throw too much, it shouldn’t be bad unless you get dead arm or feel a tinge of pain, eh? I still wouldn’t throw that much, but location location location (it’s 33° up here right now). Sorry, off-topic but first snow today!.

Personally I only throw every other weekend when I can. Not for much longer, though :freezing:

What did north florida do for active rest?

What is this “snow” thing you mention?? Heck Andy’s been practicing all week…he can’t come home for Thanksgiving til after practice next Wednesday…

I take it as a great compliment that you remember things I post.

For once, I can use the phrase, “Pleasure’s all mine” literally. I’m sucking in all I can get from this site – it’s great!

They don’t throw at all for at least a month, I was the one who added the playing light catch for ROM. UNF has one of the toughest conditioning programs in the country, so they also believe in proper rest…Active rest is defined by being as physically active in other sports, hobbies…endevours but allowing the arm, shoulder to rehabilitate and recuperate. We go pretty much all year down here and Dusty and Bob are very concious of injury from over use. There are plenty of things baseball wise you can do to continue to let your passion burn. They have a below the naton D-1 injury rate so I consider their approach to be worth paying attention to.