Action of front leg stride in power pitchers


Does anyone want to comment on the action they see in the front leg stride a lot of power pitchers use?

In particular, I’m thinking of guys like Papelbon, Price, Lincecum, Schilling, Kazmir, etc…These guys all use a very similar front leg stride, where they lower their leg from the balance lock it straight out in an attempt to delay the onset of their front hip rotation? Is this something that anyone is teaching?


I believe Paul Nyman teaches a “stop over” move whereby it looks like the front foot is stepping over some object right before foot plant. I suspect it is simply related to the bending of the front leg prior to foot plant and after it was “locked straight” as you described.


I would agree with you and I have taken a look at some of Paul Nyman’s work over at Setpro. He has some videos that demonstrate this “step over” move that you see a lot of power pitchers use. I like the idea of using it to trigger the aggressive hip move.