Accurate Radar Gun

Where can i get an accurate and durable radar gun? Does anyone have a link or something? It would be nice if the gun was within 1-2mph and would last at least 3-4 years. I want to track my velocity progress through my upcoming high school years. Thanks.

You can get a refurbished Stalker Pro, direct from the company, for $599. That’s the best value for a “pro” radar gun that I’d recommend. I personally just haven’t had any experience with any other brand.

I wouldn’t necessarily relate speed with progress, and if you are trying to see your progression of speed then you don’t really need one that will tell you the absolute speed, buy a cheaper one and only use that one, it will be off all the time but you will see your increases or decreases.

I purchased this based on a recommendation from Coach Baker. Nice, cheap gun. It’s about $150 or so, I believe (been a little while). Been happy with it. Has a reputation for being reliable. It’s not a pro gun but a good cheap alternative. I agree with BUWHITE, make sure you don’t get caught up in velocity and forget about hitting spots and the mental part of pitching. As you progress, you’ll find that the batters progress, as well. Everyone can hit a fastball down the middle or they wouldn’t be playing at the higher levels (regardless of velocity). Nonetheless, a radar gun can be a great tool if used with purpose and sparingly (in my humble opinion, of course).

That gun is pretty much what my kids have and it works just fine for seeing progress, sometimes we all need a little pat on the back and that is just the tool for that.

i also saw one that is about the same original price, 190, but is on sale for 80$ with free shipping and handling. It says it will get within 1 mph. What do you think? i basically want one to track my velocity progress as i said. It doesn’t necessarily have to be super accurate, but it would be nice if it was within 2-3 mph. And i won’t forget about all the other things like hitting my spots and training and the mental part either.

Sorry. I am not familiar with the product.

I own that radar gun and it is not too bad. You need to be in line with the pitch to get a good reading but for the price it is not a bad gun.

Good point… generally all radar guns should be used from an angle behind the catcher. We got up to 10mph difference in readings when we were on the side or straight behind the fence for the pitchers on my summer team.

Here’s a link with a great description of what Steven is getting at…scroll down to page 2…will also serve as a refresher for your math class !!