What can i do to improve my accuracy? like only 20% of the time it hits the target. i have speed but my accuracy isn’t all that great. sometimes its high or low but it is never at the side (the baseball).

Make sure that you are not “leaking” or rushing the shoulders through the turn. I tend to agree with Housie on this one. Late torso rotation has a direct relation to control or accuracy. If your shoulders are rotating with the hips or sometimes prematurely, control will suffer. Try to get the shoulders to “open up” before you throw downhill.

Just an idea, hope this can be of help.

Spend time on it my friend. Get repeatable mechanics and work specifically on hitting targets. The more you do it, the better you’ll get. It’s kind of a “chicken or egg” thing. Mechanics and/or practice. Basically, work on getting efficient, repeatable mechanics but, while you’re doing that, you’re working on hitting the glove, every throw. Easy to say, harder to do. There’s no magic mechanics component that will result in better accuracy.

Tom House says late posture changes cause you to miss side-to-side while missing up-and-down is a glove issue. But other issues can cause these same inconsistencies too.

I’d suggest trying to minimize head movement. Have someone videotape you from the rear and from the side and watch the path your head takes. Also, if you’re missing up and down, pay attention to what your glove is doing. And make sure your backside isn’t collapsing and causing your shoulders to tilt backward as if you’re throwing uphill.