I have been pitching to my son alot lately. I am left handed and so, when I release the ball, my forearm and wrist rotate clockwise. My problem is that the ball always goes left, along with the rotation of the arm and wrist. How to I gt the ball to go straight instead of releasing to the right of the target. Even if I release my fingers at the target, the ball comes out of my hand and goes left with the rotation. thx.


When you’re playing catch to warm up, do your throw go exactly where you want them to? What I’m asking is, do you make it a point to focus on accuracy anytime you throw a ball? Ball movement and velocity aside, you should be doing the same things on the mound you practice. Make sure you’re using the basics of throwing where you pitch a target, then step right toward it, releasing the ball then following through with your hand and arm while staying balanced. If you’re doing those things correctly, its merely a matter of practicing using the same arm angle and the release point over and over again.

If when you “pitch” the ball moves one way or the other and it causes you to miss your target, you’re pitching the wrong target!