Accuracy is genetic

Another noob pontification…

My son is pitcher.

On my wife’s side, all of my son’s male cousins (six of em) who are 8-13 years old are pitchers. All play on rec teams.

They are different ages and different shapes, some are smaller and shorter, others big and tall, or lean and lanky. Some throw harder than others. Their mechanics differ widely. But all of these kids are typically the top pitchers on their team, and for the same reason: they all have excellent control. They all throw a lot of strikes and don’t walk many batters.

I have wondered about why this group of kids all has good accuracy, and I think it’s genetic, just like so many other things. They don’t practice any more than other kids on their teams. In fact, they probably play less than some of the “travel” kids on those teams.

What do you think? Are some kids just born with good control?

Some are born with better fine motor control, sure. I am sure that some accidentally find a repeatable pattern as well by sheer luck.

But it can be improved, of course.

In some cases I can see where general athletic ability might be genetic. In my sons case he didn’t get it from mine or my wife’s side of the family. He’s 81 K’s/12 BB’s this season. I struggle to throw stikes in BP & never pitched myself.