Accuracy erratic suddenly?

C’mon guys–kid’s accuracy haywire.I know–MANY things to consider.Any good accuracy/focus drills that are fun?I get to feeling like a nag if I constantly criticize each pitch,so I’m buttoning my lip and praising the good ones for now,hoping it’s just a funk.I just don’t see anything wrong.Step to plate good.Elbow to plate.Closed long enough.???ideas???

The first thing that you can check for when a kid is losing his accuracy is his head. Is he looking at the glove the whole way through and focusing on the mit. Secondly check and see if hes stepping towards the glove and not off to the side. He might be trying to over throw for more velocity jerking his head away from the target. Throwing flat ground has helped me quite a bit with my accuracy. You can get a plate and color it different colors using one for outside, one for down the pipe, and one for inside and use a cone or something to simulate a batter and have him start from 45’, move back to 55’ then back to regular distance working all three parts of the strike zone.

Throwing from flat ground can’t possibly help with accuracy when then throwing from a mound. Too many things are different. The timing of everything changes from one environment to the other.

My recommendation is to get on a mound, from the correct distance and practice hitting spots at game intensity. Practice. Practice. Practice. In the same environment and at the same intensity as in a game. It’s all about feel, body awareness/proprioception, etc. Flat ground is just too different.

If there are mechanical issues, we’ll need video to see them.

its helped me dm so im not sure how you can say its not possible it helps to see urself hit spots and from flat ground at a lower intensity u can build up that vision in your mind mentally

PM me with your email address and I’ll send you something showing how different these 2 things really are. If your goal is to improve your ability to hit spots from a mound at game intensity, your most effective trainiing will be to do just that. Training on flat ground at less than game intensity will get you very good at doing that. It is a very different activity and your brain registers it as such.

Make sure he isnt dropping his left shoulder (assuming hes a right handed pitcher) Make sure he keeps it uo and doesn;t dip. Next thing to ckeck is if he is rushing the pitch. As they say, “the leg breaks the hands”

the leg breaks the hands? Meaning you break your hands right at the time when your leg drops from the peak of its lift?

For me, I like the peak that may differ from somebody else.

you mean you break right when the leg peaks? That sounds early, doesn’t it…

I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff where they want you to delay breaking the hands so your arm doesn’t end up having to wait for your body to catch up to it.

Thanks–it gives me a couple new things to watch.