Accuracy Drills

What are some drills that i can do to get my accuracy perfect every time?
im a pitcher.

Just when you think you are perfectly accurate with every pitch you will meet an umpire who will tell you that you’re not…

One drill we use that I found on the net is as part of a bullpen to throw 4 pitches to a target a foot off the outside corner, then throw 4 pitches to a target a foot off the inside corner, the 4 pitches to the outside corner and then 4 pitches to the inside corner. Ideally, this teaches the body how to make the adjustments necessary for control.

Nobody has perfect control all the time. Each pitcher needs to learn what works best for them. Sometimes you have to make corrections in your mechanics to find your control and sometimes if you are fairly consistently missing in one direction you can simply adjust your aimpoint during a game and then try to fix the mechanics later.

You might also want to have someone (or something) in the batter’s box when you practice pitching. We found it helps you concentrate on your target and gets you used to pitching with batters present. Also, we use a pitcher’s target with multiple target zones. We have our pitchers to throw a certain number of balls to each target. Last, even when the pitchers are warming up their arms, we have the partner move their glove around and the pitcher trys to hit the glove without his partner having to move it. We believe this helps the pitchers focus on the glove/target as opposed to the plate or “strike zone”.

I hope this helps! Good luck.

our coach had suggested that in a long toss workout that one guy be pitching and the other catching"but standing" put his cap in front of him as home plate and then practice throwing aiming at hips and kness on both sides…

we have scripted bullpens and chart them - making it competitive. yuo can also play horse while long tossing, playing catch, etc.

You can practice accuracy every time you pick up a ball. You can work every pitch you have when you warm up just let the person know what you are thowing. Say the first time you throw you throw your fastball pick a spot on the person you are throwing to be like k I’ll throw this and aim for his left shoulder. Then next pitch aim for his right shoulder. Move your target around. you can do this at home with a stress ball or anything soft that won’t damage the house to sitting at home bored put a couple pieces of black tap on the wall and throw at them.