Im going to buy some this stuff is tested and works to decrease muscle soorness while doing the workout or pitching. look at the energy drink and powder you can also get the powder on amazon that is 20$ that has 56 serving nice :smiley:

the 4:1 is the smartest idea on the market and the tests and results are great PROTEIN WILL HELP ME GET BACK TO PLAYING QIUCKER AFTER PITCHING.

… you really take in the marketing hook, line, and sinker, don’t you?

Accelerade might aid in recovery, but so would any post workout meal. I could have a PB&J sandwich and it would be just as effective as that drink. To try and say that this is somehow new, or “the smartest idea on the market” is extremely naive.

You can buy it if you want, but there are plenty of other ways to get post workout nutrition. This isnt any better or worse.

this isn’t post workout it’s while you are working out so that it starts recovery when you are doing the sport and there is research to back this up too.

well, 9 out of ten dentists say flossing is terrible for your teeth.
Odly enough enough 6 of these dentists were awful deentists and hte other was one of the top dentists in the country. the next 2 were paid by the company to take this survey.
anything fishy?
sorry for the spelling, long day.

Okay, so I went to the site just to read through and see what you are going on about…

This is a quote from the clinical study:
"Carbohydrates and fats are the primary fuels metabolized during endurance exercise. However, during prolonged exercise, protein can contribute 5-10% of total energy demands (2, 4) and this contribution can increase under conditions of low glycogen availability (7, 14)."
The results are extrapolated from marathon runner and long distance cyclists.
"In the past few years a number of studies have shown great promise for the role of supplemental protein to improve endurance performance. Ivy et al. (5) compared the effects of consuming varied sports beverages during exercise on cycling time at 85% VO2max following three-hours of varied-intensity, sub-maximal cycling. "

Pitching is not a long, steady game. It is played in explosive bursts followed by periods of little activity. There is nothing in the clinical study to infer the effectiveness of a 4:1 carb to protein ratio in a workout drink outside of extreme endurance sports.

If you plan on running a marathon or competing in a 3 hour bike race, then by all means you should buy this stuff. I just thought we were, you know, referring to pitching and baseball.

Reminds me of gatorade with a little bit of whey protein in it haha

If you want a good post-workout meal for recovery chicken should be your meal of choice. Low-fat, healthy, and full of protein.

The truth is this stuff isnt a nescessity that you must have it. You might want to try it out and if you can afford to pay extra and want to by all means thats your decision. Who knows it might work pretty good.

Actually, you’re better off just consuming free form bcaas… But at 15, I see no reason to buy them…

I started supplementing at age 16 and for a long period of time just took protein/multivitamin…

I actually posted a question on here 2 years ago asking if it was safe to take a multivitamin…

Anyways, if you want an electrolyte complex, look into Nimbus Nutrition Poseidon… It’s probably the best electrolyte product on the market, imo…

Also, the vitamin b6 is a misprint… It’s supposed to be listed as 1000 mcg…

Toss in some complex carbs/healthy fats and you’re good to go…

Even 14 almonds will do- I like to snack on them with some of my meals… I just buy the big bag over at sams or costco…


Even 14 almonds will do- I like to snack on them with some of my meals… I just buy the big bag over at sams or costco…[/quote]

I am in love with almonds. Period. I was at a big 4th of July party last night and there were some bowls of trail mix or something that had almonds in it. I must have eaten every freaking almond I could find. They’re the best lol.

Sorry for the odd post i just wanted to share my great love for almonds :smiley: :smiley:

The reason this stuff called Accelerade is good is because it is used during the game and starts the healing of the muscles in game so after game and the next day you will be better off.

And they have reported 29% more enderance.

It’s funny how accelerade is getting all this hype now.
Ah the power of a good marketing campaign.

The product has been out for quite a while actually, I was on their website quite some time ago as they sponsor the National Strength and Conditioning Association so I took a look.

In they last few weeks they’ve launched a new website, marketing campaign, and dropped prices a bit. It’s amazing how quickly they’ve created a buzz as if it’s an original idea, and brand new no less.

I can’t say I’ve tried it, almost bought a bottle at Kroger just to see the taste. I mean it could be potentially more beneficial then say gatorade or powerade, but it’s overall effectiveness for an athlete on the anaerobic energy system is pretty non existent. Much like KC said.

Sure an aerobic athlete gets better endurance, but that’s a totally different sport.