Whats a good ab workout… I do like med. ball sit n twists… leg lifts knee raises and some crunches and then i do like side lifts and some decline sit ups all on diff days like 2 of each a day…and then i do a weighted crunch machine sometimes too…

try doing that med. ball sit and twist on the decline bench while leaning back most of the way…kills mine…

I do mine with a little more lean back but i’ll go with trusting this guy :smiley:

An ab wheel is a cheap investment that will keep you fairly frustrated. Start out on your knees and work to a full rollout, then try it standing. It is killer for the core and abs.

Other than that, lift heavy things (dead, squat, etc). The abs and core are forced to work overtime to prevent your body from folding in half.

Wow that chick owns me. I’m going to get a damn ab roller and beat her ass I can’t take this.


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