About pitching mechanics

I stated in a previous post that i am going to do my pitching mechanics 100 times every day. Someone said i should take 2 days off and i am fine with that. I do those monday-friday and take the weekends off.

I was wondering though whether or not it matters where i do my pitching mechanics. I mean is it okay to do them in my basement. Sometimes i can’t get to a mound every day. I was just wondering whether or not it’s okay to do my pitchign mechanics 100times from flat ground instead of doing them on the pitching mound.

Nothing wrong with doing some work on flat ground. But you need to do some on the mound as well as that’s where you’re going to end up. Some may disagree with this but I feel working on flat ground is better than not doing anything.

I used to do both. I would work on flat ground when I was working on some aspect of mechanics or when I was learning a new pitch, then after a while I would take it to the mound and work from there. As a matter of fact, one needs to do both, because when fielding one’s position one becomes a fifth infielder, and there are many occasions when one has to leave the mound such as when throwing to a base or backing up one or another fielder. 8)

i think you are right

with the flat ground work though. I mean doing it all winter long and nothing but that. Because it snows from about november to april. So i can’t do anything during those months. IS it okay to go in my basement and do my mechanics 100times monday-friday. Will my mechanics still be really consistent.

I am hoping for about 85mph next year on my fastball. So far i am up to about 79-80mph.

yeah, it should help, but make sure you aren’t actually throwing. it could really hurt your arm throwing that much.

ya my arm never hurts. And ya i don’t got a ball in my hand. The only thing that ever hurts is my lead leg. My stride is 100 percent of my height so its a pretty long stride. Sometimes it hurts. But ya i just started doing this. I really think that if my mechanics are consistent then my fastball velocity will go up by at least 10mph and maybe more

Sorry, but your fastball will not climb 10 mph just through consistent mechanics alone, especially if there is something off in your mechanics which will just ingrain that bad part into your mechanics and make it harder to get rid of. Not saying I don’t think what you are doing is a good idea, just make sure your mechanics are very good before you commit so much muscle memory to it is my advice. Consistent mechanics will improve control though, but def not mph by anything more than a mile or two, if there is an increase, it is not because of this.

nah man i don’t think that is true. I think by having consistent mechanics and being able to throw the same pitch every time with the same mechanics can increase your velocity by 10mph.

But i also don’t only do mechanics. I do core strengthening, leg strengthening, upper body workouts, yoga, sprints, medicine ball work, rubber tubing, long toss, bullpens, and as well as making sure my pitching mechanics are perfect. Now that will make me gain 10mph. Sure 10mph would be awesome. But i am shooting for about 5-6mph extra. I already throw about 78-80mph consistently so ya. i want to hit about 85mph next year.