About Pitching Grips

Hello People,

I want to use some of the Pitching Drills from the article “Pitching Drills: How to Improve Throwing Techniques”.
To improve some of the pitching grips to make sure i don’t have the soapy effect during a game and have a major blooper or something.

Are there some hidden dangers for your arm or for something else that might i should beware of?

Maybe i should rename the topic and major question where this topic is ment for to “How to train and learn the best way of throwing new Pitching grips”.

Cya, Pitcherfromnl

My belief is that all major pitches are thrown the exact same way except for the pronation of the wrist. I throw a FB/CB/CH/and Screwball, and all are thrown from the same arm angle, just released differently.

My recommendation would be to purchase an Incrediball and experiment with different grips. This ball will exaggerate the movement/break of your pitches, but will certainly give you some feel for what grips works well.