About me and my "windup"

We all know K-Rod, Mr. Crazy delivery, Mr. 60+ saves. So I took after him, and he’s now my fav. pitcher. So i was just fooling around with my dad out in the backyard with the delivery, and I saw i actually get good rotation on my curve and slider, and also good velocity on my fastball. so, I was wondering…is this a bad thing or good thing?

yes… why wouldnt you want good rotation…

also, i keep my pitches down in the zone opposed to using my original windup, when i would leave them up

My pitching coach used to tell me, as he would tell others he had worked with (and often had to tell them more than once): “Move the ball around—high, low, inside, outside—and change speeds.” Sure, you want to keep the ball down in the zone, but there will be times when you’re facing a very good low-ball hitter—and you don’t really want to feed him something you know he can hit. So go up in the zone with that guy—climb the stairs, as it were—and if he has trouble with high pitches, you can get him out with one of them. :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher: