Aaron Laffey

anyone that’s an Indians fan probly knows who i’m talking about. a 22-year old lefty by the name of Aaron Laffey just got called up to the majors. he started out the year in Double-A and quickly moved up to Triple-A after only 6 starts in Double-A. his first 3 starts in Triple-A weren’y very good. 0-3 era around 10.00. but he ended up 7-0 after losing his first 3 starts and lowered his era to 3.28. most of you probly don’t see this as a big deal but i do because he’s only the 2nd athlete from my area that’s made it all the way to the pro’s. Laffey grew up about 5 minutes away from where i live. and in the area i live in, it isn’t scouted very good at all.

I live in Northern Minnesota…wanna talk about not scouted? We had one kid in the 1980`s that went to Single A for the Twins for one year. There are places all over the country that are not scouted well. If you are good enough go to a tryout and be seen.

I never had a scout at a high school game of mine because I was in the sticks, and I wasn`t a prodigy. So I went to a tryout and got my scholarship this past year.

Then from that school I transfered to Indian Hills.

where did you get a scholarship?

Another Indians Fan? High Five!

well they aren’t my favorite. but i like them. right after the BoSox and Pittsburgh.

Im a Twins fan but Ill let the Indians win the Wild card.

I got a scholarship at Northern State University D2 in South Dakota. The coach saw me at a local showcase in Minneapolis.

I took a smaller scholarship for this next season at Indian Hills because I our coach at NSU was released (free transfer) and I really like the IHCC program for getting me to the next level.

oh ok well good luck!

thanks man you too