AAA baseball pitchers

I went to a minor league game AAA red sox farm team vs yankee farm team. ALOT OF WALKS BOTH TEAMS. Heighest MPH I saw was 93 once and average for both team was 84-86.

I noticed that the pitcher that threw the 93 mph fastball was very explosive and could turn his core fast. It was amazing how fast he rotated.

The starter for the red sox was a knuckle baller and wasn’t throwing hard at all. His Fastball was 80 and his slider was 75 and kuckle was around 70. 75 Mph looks very slow and now I think I can hit that when I try to.

My question is how can I rotate fast while in control and not crazy? And I think I’m going to try and rotate faster when I hit the ground and need to know how to do it correct and not fall off the mound or go crazy with it.

Please help asap I have a game on sunday I might be pitching.

Well it won’t come over night. You just have to work at it.

yeah I know that LOL

But is there a right way to Rotate fast and be in control and not fall off the mound?

i dont really see wuts wrong with falling off the mound…

only good can come from it… ur less likely to get hit with a comebacker, u can still feild the ball… so idk

Well when you fall off the mound you tend to not absorb the stress of the pitch because you fall off.


Does he rotate as fast as he can when he plant or is it me? Also his release point is pulled back is that ok if you rotate fast?

The knuckleballer you mentioned, was it Charlie Zink or John Barre?

you can’t hit 75?

Well I think I’m throwing harder then 75 that was my point. it looked REALLY SLOW and like it was a lob or something But 80mph looked like a real fb I would be throwing.

So was the knuckleballer Zink or Barre? I’m itching to know if you saw good ol’ Charlie Zink pitch.

PAW SOXS PITCHER idk his name i forget.

Well I think it was Zink because you said 80 MPH and I’m not so sure Barre (or Barnes, however you say it) throws that hard.

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My son was also surprised to find out that he was as fast or faster than the guys throwing Sat night…upper 80’s/low 90’s is good even on up to mlb

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Jacksonville is a AA team. I was in Huntsville a couple weeks ago and watched Huntsville vs. Carolina.

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Was it a good game?

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