A workout for hitters?

I own tuff cuff and the routine is a good one, but is there anything different that a hitter/position player does differently that a pitcher in their workouts? Any different strength training methods?


There’s a much bigger emphasis on wrist/grip/forearm strength for hitters than pitchers… And you certainly always want to be functional and dynamic, but most of the hitters I played with tended to do more bodybuilder-type workouts where the emphasis was bulk, as opposed to pitchers’ emphasis on being lean.

No one decides whether they want to build lean muscle or bulk up, it’s a matter of genetics. Some have genetic potential to get huge muscles while others will get leaner muscles, doesn’t matter what workout you do.

Good tip, UN. But that wasn’t my point.

We’re talking about the differences between a pro hitter’s workout and a pro pitcher’s workout. In other words, what does each player do differently in the weight room?

In my experience, most pitchers spent a major portion of their workout sessions doing lightweight rotator cuff, scap and shoulder exercises. Most hitters/position players didn’t do any rotator cuff or scap work, and very little shoulder work. Instead, they’d blast their chest and lats, bi’s and tri’s much harder/heavier than pitchers. … That was my point.