A Winter's Experiment

If any of you have looked at my blog, you’ll know that our pitchers have started using the shot put for training purposes. We are not throwing them, like a lot of Dr. Mike Marshall’s students, but we are doing some good work with them. We performed the shot put lift, a rotation and lift, and a shot put flip at least 2 times a week for the last two months. We did the shot put work, along with a supervised throwing program. The players seemed to really enjoy the workout and not 1 of the 16 players reported any elbow pain or soreness. In fact, all 16 players reported to me that their elbow and shoulder felt stronger than before. Of course, I made sure each player had proper technique during each shot put drill they performed. I can absolutely see players getting injuried if they do the exercises wrong. After Christmas, we are going into our weighted ball program leading up to February 27, 2006 spring practice. I will have more information on those exercises we performed with the shot put at a later date. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

is this any different than medball work?