A video of me

This is in my grandma’s backyard today, I’ll probably get more up as this is crappy due to the sunlight shining in

my stride there is horrible, and wtf was with that girly grunt, hahaha.

well, no comments, good or bad sign?

The camera angle makes it a bit difficult to analyze. Also, since I can’t watch YouTube videos frame by frame, I end up watching them over and over and over. But, in your video, you don’t actually start your delivery until 2/3 of the way into the video which makes watching it over and over rather cumbersome. Anyway, it appear that…

…you might be striding to the throwing arm side.

…it takes you a while before you lock your eyes onto your target.

…your weight is a bit back at release which means your release point is not as close to the target as it could be.

BTW, I prefer camera angles directly from the side and from either the front or back.

I’ll get better ones at home, it’s just i’m at my grandma’s and thats like, the only place. That is one thing i have noticed is that I think I don’t get all my body weight over my hips or something. Is it because I’m stepping to far? or what?

Some coaches would tell you to shorten your stride. But there’s always two ways to look at things. Instead of shortening your stride, how about increasing your tempo and, therefore, your momentum. That will carry you out over the front leg.

by increasing my tempo do you mean striding as i lift up my knee?

[quote=“3and0”]Is it because I’m stepping to far? or what?[/quote]Did somebody tell you you’re stepping too far? The very first thing I thought when I saw this video was that your stride is very short. You just kind of place it down after your knee lift. I don’t see a “stride” really at all. Just a “placement” of the foot where it might be comfortable.

Yeah, get yourself moving forward sooner and faster. Make your stride more athletic and aggressive.

well I’m not on a mound, so it’s not as long. At my house I have a mound

Just as Roger said. It looks like your just warming up, but, I can see its a game. You have to be more aggressive oce you start you momentum towards the plate. It looks like you are throwing darts, not a baseball. Be more aggrssive. BTW, how hard do you throw?

i dunno, i was hitting 68ish before getting more hip shoulder seperation now its around 70-75