A very technical question for baseball nerds

sup pals

havent been here in a while tho ive been lurking a bunch.

i was really bothered by a question concerning baseball rules and thought i would come to my main baseball source, this forum.

yesterday i was playing mlb 2k12 and there happenned a really strange play which i cant decide weather its a good call or a video game lag and whats your thoughts about it.

there was a runner on third, counts 0-2 and 1 out so i randomly tried the suicide sqeeze. i start the runner from third, drop the bunt but the ball goes foul and i get a strike out. thing is, the runner still came home and scored…
what do you guys think?

It is a strikeout because the ball was bunted with two strikes and it went foul. It is a dead ball because it was bunted foul and was not caught on the fly. No runner can score because it was deemed a dead ball as soon as it hit the ground in foul territory and runners cannot advance on a dead ball play.

That’s the way I see it. If I were playing against you I would have argued with the virtual umpire, kicked dirt all over the virtual home plate and and gotten tossed out of the virtual game.

I’m with Dino on this one


Right on the button!
Rule 10.12 (4) explicitly states that a strikeout shall be called when the batter bunts foul on the third strike. If, however, the foul bunt results in a foul fly that is caught by an infielder, said fielder gets credit for a putout. Either way, the runner can’t score because the ball went dead the instant it went foul.
We see a lot of this because too many guys don’t know how to bunt. 8)

I assume that if the ball was bunted into the air in foul territory that is then caught(before hitting the ground) is treated the treated the same as a regular pop up in foul grounds. (with two strikes)

Now 4pie…Under the same circumstances…I would be interested in what your nifty little game did if let’s say the batter was like many kids I coached and missed the suicide squeeze bunt sign. Your runner on third base, he got the sign because the coach is standing right beside him looking for an acknowledgement that he wasn’t daydreaming and he saw it too. So your runner takes off for home early and dipstick swings and completely misses the ball and your runners head. The catcher with all this confusion going on also fails to catch the ball cleanly and wonder of all wonders, dipstick realizes he has to run to first before the catcher throws him out. But, alas while he’s running to first and while the third base runner is sliding home and trotting on into the dugout; the catcher throws out dipstick at first. Did the runner score?

Depends with how many outs. A dropped 3rd strike is a live ball. And if first base is occupied, I believe it is still a live ball, just the batter is out.

So runner would score.

With two outs and a force play at first on the batter/runner the run would not count if the defense makes the play since the run can’t score on a force play where the third out is recorded.