A Very Funny Story

Okay I’m not asking anything but I have a funny story. So, one day we were playing the best team in the area- they had scored 18 runs against us the last time we played. With that being said, I was a bit overwhelmed when they asked me to pitch. I opened up jittery, but got out of a jam. Then, I was crusing; striking out 7 batters the next three innings. Finally, in the fourth inning, I started walking people. I walked the bases loaded and coach comes out. He asks, “How are you feeling?” I reply, “My arms pretty tired I don’t think I can pitch anymore.” Then, he says, “Well, just keep pitching and we’ll see what happens.” What happens? On the very next pitch I give up a grand-slam. :lol:

I wouldn’t think that was funny if it happened to me :o

hopefully the game didn’t matter that much :roll:

inside the park or real homerun? i gave up only 1 real home run sand maybe 2 or 3 inside the paRker since i started to pitch. the real one was estimated at 375feet. fastball up and middled.

Well of course I wasn’t happy then but the irony of it now is pretty funny. and yes, this guy hit a SHOT out of the park. Basically, my arm was hurting and I threw a weak ball right in the killzone. He was a pinch hitter.