A teammate pitching

Hi guys,

This is a video of one of my teammates pitching. We are the pitchers on the team. He made a video of himself throwing and I’m putting it here so you can help us.

He throws at about 60mph (he got clocked on a radar gun).

What could he possibly be doing wrong? Or how could he improve velocity?
He is a big guy with long arms.

So here are the videos:



PS: To download it, just click on the FREE BUTTTON and wait for the counter stop, then click on the link to download it.

I’m gonna try to make a video of myself pitching by this week so you can help me out as well. I throw at about 60mph also.

PS: If you have a better place for me to put it tell me.

Thanks for your time.

First off, he needs to get a different leg kick, its a little slow and looks like it might be slowing him down and making him off balance, he needs to come down with his foot and lead with it after the leg kick
Second, he needs to bring his arm all the way back and drive with his back leg

I see a number of things (which are probably costing him 20+ MPH)…

  1. It’s hard to say for sure, but it looks to me like his shoulders rotate with, if not before, his hips. This is extremely inefficient because it keeps you from tapping into the power of the large muscles of the body. What should happen is that the shoulders should rotate well before the shoulders.

  2. He lands with his glove-side foot pointed down the 3B line rather than at the target. This will limit how much his hips can open and thus limit his velocity.

  3. His GS leg needs to go up and then straight down and skim the ground before planting.

  4. He open his GS foot too early. He needs to stride with his foot sideways and then at the last second rotate it so that he lands with his toe pointing at the target.

  5. I like that he pulls his glove into his GS pec, but would prefer that he kept his GS elbow higher (e.g. at the level of his shoulders).

Let me know if that helps.


what’re you talking about… shoulders rotating before the shoulders??

you mean shoulders should rotate after the hips, right?

[quote=“andrew.ra.”]what’re you talking about… shoulders rotating before the shoulders??

you mean shoulders should rotate after the hips, right?[/quote]


Yes, you’re right.

Thanks, I’m going to tell him and my coach so we can work this out.

Can’t wait to make a video of myself throwing to get some help also.

This down-and-out leg motion causes the pitcher to keep his weight back and that will probably serve to limit hip rotation. Instead, he should be getting the hips going to build up momentum, get a nice long stride and get into foot strike quickly. I believe the GS foot should take a more direct path to foot strike.

In addition, the down-and-out motion makes the pitcher slower to the plate which, in turn, makes it harder to hold runners close. During all of the up and down motion, the runner is running yet the pitcher is not getting any closer to the plate.

i cant get them to load =(

ok with the first video i see that his legs kick should change a bit and his release point should be lower. The second one - im not sure about this tip if its not good just correct me ok? your leg kick - if you are throwing at like a sidearm/45 degree release dont use a high leg kick. just go for a long stride b/c side arm sometimes decrease your velocity and if you take a longer lead it would get to the plate quicker (meaning with more velocity).